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5 Tips for Dating a Filipina

American-Filipina couple

Filipina women are some of the most kind, compassionate, caring, and committed women you will ever meet in your life. From their incredible willingness to love, support, and be affectionate towards you in public, to their strong, desirable ability to be nurturing wives and mothers, there‚Äôs likely just the right Filipina out there for you. […]

What to Look For in a Filipina Wife

American-man and Filipina wife couple

Filipinas are naturally beautiful, kind, family-oriented, and adventurous women. In comparison to most Asian countries Filipinas are the most welcoming, loving, supportive, and interested in starting a real future with a foreign, often American man. Many Filipinos are raised in tough circumstances, often having to leave school early or work younger than most kids and […]