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5 Tips for Dating a Filipina

Filipina women are some of the most kind, compassionate, caring, and committed women you will ever meet in your life. From their incredible willingness to love, support, and be affectionate towards you in public, to their strong, desirable ability to be nurturing wives and mothers, there’s likely just the right Filipina out there for you.

Here’s five pieces of advice to maximize your chances with and understanding Filipina women.

1) Pick the right place

The Philippines are huge! So whether you decide to go right to it’s major metropolitan city Manilla, or a nice beach getaway like Cebu, just make sure you do your research!

There are plenty of beautiful, fun, and relaxing places throughout the Philippines, and there’s bound to be a place just right for you. A lot of foreigners come right to, or visit at one point or another Angeles City, Philippines.

There are lots of foreigners here, and a ton of bars and other activities for visitors to keep occupied with. Ultimately, it comes down to you, what kind of woman you’re looking for, and where you decide to look for it.

Angeles City can be an awesome place to start, and while the bars can be fun, there’s definitely a lot more to see here. From wakeboarding to hitting the beaches only an hour away, SM malls, and plenty of markets in the heart of Angeles can all make it very eventful and fun.

If you’re really looking to meet a great Filipina woman, consider meeting new people and friends at malls, supermarkets, at parks, and even at your everyday corner “sari sari” store (these are all over the place, and if you don’t know what one is yet, we promise you will soon!).

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2) Take your time and choose wisely

If you’re going to go to the bars in the Philippines to have fun and meet new people, remember where you are and pay close attention to the people you’re interacting with. While there’s plenty of great people and women in Angeles, there are also a lot of bars and bargirls that can be lots of fun, but also bring you a lot of heartbreak.

Another nice place to visit is Tarlac, or checkout the various beaches in Bataan. The Philippines have over a hundred islands – and they speak upwards of at least 7 different languages.

A lot of Filipinas speak or understand English pretty good, and others are completely fluent. They might not let you know that right away, so “play the game”, take it slow, and feel her out. On the bright side, Filipina women can be very ambitious, and many are studying in college or pursuing a legitimate career – which is both attractive and impressive.

3) Don’t play “the game” if you don’t have to

Much like Latin women, Filipinas tend to play games sometimes, and dependent upon the woman you’re with it can be less frequent or happen all the time. Filipinas are very adventurous, outgoing, and loving people, but they can also be quite extreme.

Try to learn about the woman you’re with, and if possible find one that fluently or at least speaks a little English so you can be on the same page. If your girlfriend or future Filipina wife is constantly playing on her phone, ignoring you, and asking for money all the time it might be the right time to step away – or run.

If  she’s going missing at random throughout day with unusual or weird explanations, taking 4-5 hours to come back home from the original time she told you she would, or money starts go missing from your wallet then you know you have a problem. It’s not necessarily common, but it’s not uncommon either.

4) Treat Filipinos how you want to be treated

This goes for both men and women. Just like anywhere else, people can be cheaters. Try to avoid keeping secrets in your relationship, and make it a point to treat your Filipina girlfriend how you’d want to be treated. Filipinas often have a history of a cheating or even abusive boyfriend.

Many Filipinos are stuck on a “machoistic” lifestyle, and in turn this can cause Filipinas to really pursue and be quite grateful of a relationship with a foreigner. Filipinas can be extremely romantic, pleasing, and supportive of you and your lifestyle. While it’s not impossible to find a Filipina girl of your dreams or one day wife in a bar, it’s not recommended – especially for people coming for their first time.

Assuming you’re treating people how you want to be treated, you’ll get a lot of respect in return, and of course leave a good impression. What person wouldn’t be proud of their lover if this was the kind of person they were?

American guy and Filipino girl couple

5) Don’t move in if you’re not ready

this happens all too frequently, a foreigner man (often new) falls in love with a Filipina too fast for his own good, and the next thing he knows he is with his Filipina lover every day, and she slowly (or quickly) moves in with you. While this can be great for some men or those looking for this, it can also lead to trouble – especially if you don’t have a strong connection with or aren’t familiar enough with your Filipina girlfriend.

It’s not unheard of for a Filipina to cheat on her foreigner boyfriend even after they’ve moved in together, so keep this in mind. Sometimes people choose money over love, or surpass their true emotions and commitments to make the money they feel they deserve.

So, keep your eyes open, move slowly, and if possible try to learn more about your Filipina love from people you trust. The Philippines is a very big country, but it has a “small town” feel to it in most places, so be mindful of what you do, who you trust, and who you befriend. It shouldn’t be impossible to hear either good or bad things about the women or Filipina you’re interested in – but keep in mind this goes both ways.

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